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My Approach

My Approach


I consider my approach to body work unique, compared to what we think of as contemporary massage, or manual therapy.  I continue to draw heavily from my extensive experience with clinical orthopedic work. This in itself is different than what most practitioners are doing because the client is encouraged to take a very active role ,on and off the table.  We work together to make changes in and with the body.   The body is a mobile structure. Always in motion. Whether it's movement we see from the outside, running or walking, or inside, heart beating or breathing, etc,,,the body is in continual motion.  When this motion is limited for whatever reason quality of life is impaired.  We will work together, but you are encouraged to take an active role, as you are in control of your body. Not your therapist.

I also rely heavily on my knowledge of the function of the nervous system, especially how it pertains to pain conditions and biomechanics.  Very few practitioners have sought out advanced training involving the nervous system, even though it is a primary system.  It is involved in virtually ever aspect of the body, and to ignore it can inhibit your function and how you respond to therapy.  By utilizing this knowledge, and applying concepts of functional neurology, I am often able to assist your body in making rapid, lasting changes.

In attempting to take a more holistic approach to your health and wellness, some other aspects of a session might include; dietary recommendations, environmental considerations, stress modification activities, psychosomatic influences, home activity programs, etc...

It is my goal to continually learn more about the body and how to apply that to my client's needs.  As such I hoping to continually evolve and modify my approach to better help you. To work together to improve your health and wellness!

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